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Meet Dr. Greger

This article is dedicated to the splendid Doctor Greger, an almost mystical character who plays a decisive role in the spreading of scientific knowledge on nutrition.

Dr. Michael Greger, an American, has a truly unique story to tell about the reasons that led him to be a luminary in the world of modern medicine.

When he was still a university medical student, about 35 years ago, he made bitter acquaintance with the limitations of a science that, unfortunately, could not save his 65-year-old grandmother from severe heart disease. The grandmother was returned home after yet another by-pass, amidst great pain and the certainty, according to the doctors, that she had little more to live.

However, Dr. Greger made one last attempt, taking his grandmother to a doctor specialized in food medicine who, luckily, was a vegetarian and a firm believer that food is the best medicine we have.

Three weeks later, Dr. Greger’s grandmother got rid of her wheelchair and was able to walk a few miles a day.

Young Michael, and even some doctors from the local scientific community, could hardly believe it. The fact is that Dr. Greger’s grandmother lived another 31 years, obviously managing to see her grandson graduate and become one of the leading exponents of nutrition medicine.

Today Dr. Greger runs a website, NutritionFacts.org, which is a collection of thousands of videos and articles on every aspect of nutrition. The job of Dr. Greger and his team is to review and verify all scientific studies, including their sources and any sponsorships of political or pharmaceutical lobbies, which often manage to influence the results of even very prestigious research.

All the work of the Nutrition Facts team is totally non-profit, and is supported only by donations that come from all over the world.

I warmly invite you to start following Dr. Greger’s work on the website, on social media, and also in the bookstore, where you can find his books full of recipes and tips for living a healthy life based on plant nutrition.

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