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Why isn’t everyone?

This is the transcription of a social media speech by American singer Richard Melville Hall, better known as Moby, author of some big hits and committed vegan activist.


Absolutely unnecessary to add anything, nor to comment… let’s hear what Moby has to say.

I have been vegan for 35 years, and for 35 years I have been asked the same question: ‘Why are you vegan?’. I think there is a better question, and that is, “why isn’t everyone?”

I’m vegan because I care about animals, and I do not want to contribute to their suffering and death. I care about climate change, because we know that animal agricolture is one of the main causes of major climate problems. I care about human health, and by now we also know that eating animal products contributes to heart diseases, cancer, diabetes. I care about the great forests, the risks for workers of the sector, communities, water… it seems that all these things are being decimated by the production of meat and dairy.

I really think we should start asking the right question more and more often, which is not “why am I vegan?” but “why isn’t everyone?”.

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